Our View On The 92 - #1 Small Creator Highlight


Our first small content creator comes by the name of "Our View On The 92".

Creating intensely enjoyable podcasts on their football youtube channel, their content is refreshing, and if you have the time, will suck you in and never let you go!

Now, it's not like they're the first, or the most popular football podcast around, but none of that matters - the point is, that their content deserves more views, likes, comments, and shares. And this is why they're this months (and the first) small creator!


The three hosts (Will, Theo, and Trent) are great. Hands down. From humour to overall just being very genuine guys: if you want to watch a football podcast with some genuine banter, and a homely feel, then this is honestly the right podcast for you. The chemistry between the hosts is great too, and with recent guests going onto the podcast, they have also proven that their chemistry stretches far beyond just the three, and they seem to be able to make most conversations enjoyable to listen through at nearly every moment.


Moving on from the last paragraph, let's talk about this little creator in detail:

The three podcast hosts - Theo, Will, and Trent - have not only very quickly become confident in themselves in front of the camera, but they have also exceeded many expectations, with them getting some notable local names like Chris Phillips on their podcast to speak about recent football events!

For only having a few podcasts out currently, and a limited social media presence, they have managed to continue to grow from strength to strength, and after speaking to Theo from "Our View On The 92", there seems to be dozens of amazing ideas flying around, ready to be executed in the near future.

This is a big positive in my eyes: potential.

Although, they're still small, I believe that this podcast has some real backbone to ride into the future with. And of course, it's difficult to start something you'r passionate about, so hopefully this highlight will give them a bit of motivation to keep going. And for all those reading this, check their videos out. (I'm not even a football fan and I found their content enjoyable to watch!)

An Honest Review

Now, of course I'm being biased here - I like the content myself; so let's take a step back for the moment and be a bit more critical. (spoiler: I wasn't actually very critical at all)

What might put some viewers off is, well, the simple fact that they don't have many views at the moment. They have a limited social media presence too, which might make it hard to keep updated with all their amazing videos. This isn't much of a negative on the podcast itself, but more of a point that may and does put many people off. At the end of the day, people like larger content creators - it's just how the social brain works. You see that more people have interacted with something, and therefore, you're more biased to go and watch that one.

Yet again, like I mentioned, this isn't much of a negative, but just an honest critique of the issues that may face the podcast and their viewers moving forwards into the future. I won't mention anything else in detail, as many issues that lie with the podcast can be attributed to the fact that they're only a few months fresh. Things like confidence will increase, creative liberties will be more successful, and they're still finding their formula; other than that, they're a great podcast to get your teeth into!

If you watch them now, then you can tell everyone when the podcast becomes famous that you were an OG fan. ;)

As of publishing this post, this is currently the most recent video - enjoy:

Get on the highlight yourself!

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