Wix Website Costs

Wix Website Costs: Subscription Plans & Designer Work

Confused on whether you can afford a Wix website month by month? You want design services, but you're not sure how much that Wix website cost will come to either? Simply just want to know how much the whole process will come to?

Let's break it down.

Wix website costs: the subscription plans

Wix Premium Website Plans:

These plans cover websites that aren't going to take direct payments and/or aren't necessarily trying to sell products or services directly from the site. This doesn't mean however, that these plans aren't capable of earning you money, as you can easily make websites that capture leads, build email lists, and they set you up with enough to make a very profitable site. However, all payments must be made off the website with these plans. A good way round this if you don't want to upgrade, is to get a third-party to do the work, like Paypal, and link that from your site. Here you can see the Wix website costs clearly. Click on the photo to be taken to the plans themselves, if interested in Wix website costs/subscription plans.

Wix Premium Plans - Wix Website Costs

Wix Business Premium Plans:

These subscription plans are a bit more expensive, but open up and give you way more tools to build your enterprise online. Here you can see the prices of these plans - noticeably more expensive. If you do your marketing right, this increase in subscription price shouldn't be a worry. However, in our opinion, unless you're an e-commerce store, or selling directly on your site, there's not much need to upgrade to this plan. A great feature of these Wix subscription plans is that the email capabilities. The Wix website cost is increase, however, it may pay off more in the long run.

Important note: the Wix website cost will vary widely on whether you choose the monthly or yearly subscription plans. The yearly plans will give you a major discount, and this is - in my opinion - a bit sneaky of Wix, but these prices shown will increase if you don't choose a yearly plan. Although, Wix are always offering 50% off deals so you can just wait for those to come round the corner as they are very common..

Wix Website Design Service Prices - Wix Website Costs

So, it really depends on where you go. Of course, you're going to and should really expect a cheaper price for this service than custom website design. Truly custom website design, not using Wix, can cost in and above the thousands. This is due to the excessive manpower required, and overall, bigger clients tend to go down this route. (See blog post: Wix vs Wordpress).

With Wix website design costs, you'd then expect to spend less, as Wix offers designers like me the tools and time to streamline certain parts of the service. It removes the developer from the process and truly allows Wix designers to be free in their designs. Less manpower and less time require means lower prices.

You're probably here to read actual prices though so I'll skip the full explanation and jump in.

The numbers - Wix Website Costs

So I can only speak from our own prices, so here goes.

I offer initial Wix website design packages at a cost of £199 for a small 1-5 page website. This goes all the way up to £499 and above. Beyond this point, I charge on additional pages. These Wix website design packages covers everything from Wix website design, all the way through to domain setup and SEO setup. If you'd like to see them properly, here's a link just below that goes to my pricing page.

Wix Website Cost - Pricing

Extra Functionality - Wix Apps

There's a point where the functionality of what Wix offers may just not be enough. Wix does offer an app store, which functions the same to Wordpresses plugins. These apps offer extra functionality from third-party providers to install into your Wix website. These however can greatly increase the cost of your Wix website, as many of them come with monthly subscriptions that can slowly add up. They offer trials and may very well make you way more money than you put in - but the point remains: be careful - it all adds up.

Extra Functionality - Reach Online Services

As a Wix designer, I would charge more for complex functionality. An arts directory, for example, will be way more time- consuming to create than an equivalent of 5 big pages. Database setup, input, design, function etc. It all adds up. This is an industry norm, and you would expect this to be a factor in you Wix website cost, if you were looking for extra functionality.

Wix Logo

Wix Domain Name Cost - Wix Website Cost

Okay, so, this all depends on whether you buy a Wix domain or not. Wix does offer the ability to connect a domain not bought through Wix; but you require a subscription plan that allows you to do so. This applies with their own, with the exception that if you buy your Wix subscription plan for a whole year, they will offer a domain of your choice for free, for one year. So, it really depends on what you want, who you buy it from, and whether you buy it through Wix or not. This price will usually stay around £5-10 for a year.


Overall, if you'r ready to make your own Wix website, the Wix website cost will remain quite cheap per month in the tens of pounds. If you were looking for a designer like me though, you would expect to pay more than £200 and up, and also still have to pay per month for the Wix subscription.

If you have any questions, of feel as though you still aren't quite sure what to do when it comes to the Wix website cost, then please just get in touch through this link here. (contact)

Thanks for reading!

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