Wordpress VS Wix

Wordpress VS Wix: An unbiased opinion

Wordpress VS Wix - the argument that gets increasingly divided as both continue to deliver new solutions to common website problems that both business owners, marketers, and designers need solving.

Note: At Reach Online UK, we naturally use Wix to create our websites both for ourselves and for our clients. Because of this, this blog will try its upmost hardest to not lean to one side. Because we are more experienced in one than the other, it may seem like we are trying to side with one part of the argument, but it is simply a matter of us using Wix on a daily basis and are more familiar with that, in turn.

For Wordpress:

So, for those that aren't familiar with Wordpress, Wordpress is an open-source platform which enables the user to generate beautiful and functional websites for any industry, or need. Wordpress alone will not get the entire job done; however, the ability to install endless plugins into your site will allow the designer/business to generate beautiful Wordpress websites with full functionality, full customisability, and more. This is what makes wordpress so attractive to design agencies and large business, as it is a very good tool to scale a business online. Approximately 33% of all websites online are built with Wordpress. All in all, from someone that builds Wix websites, I would never talk down on Wordpress without reason. After all, for many, it is the go-to open-source website platform to use.

wordpress logo

Against Wordpress:

Now, Wordpress does allow you to do absolutely anything essentially; however, it struggles to ease inexperienced business-owners into a confidence they should really have around their own website. For agencies, this complex scope of ability is amazing, but for the average business owner, the learning curve is almost too intense. This leaves Wordpress at a weird middle between being free and open-source, and then suddenly being very expensive - almost always requiring an costly team agency to get the work done right. You can't just hire a website designer for Wordpress unless they're also a developer; you can't hire a SEO specialist without requiring additional knowledge. This makes Wordpress quite expensive, as the man-power and constant maintenance makes Wordpress rarely a one-man job. Also, when it comes to the backend - and if the business wants to make quick edits without the need of an expert - they will find themselves making costly mistakes, confused at every turn, and overall - pressured to hire someone to do these "complex tasks". Agencies love to promote Wordpress, and love to brush off Wix, because of course, they want you to hire them for almost every need there is. (That was a generalisation and many agencies may not have the same mindset, but it is a factor. Client Independence from an agency means the business owner is in turn paying or will pay agencies less).

Intermission - Wordpress VS Wix

Let's take a breather. If you have any of your own opinions, comment down below and let's start a discussion. I will be replying to all that disagree, agree, and would love to hear counter-arguments for everything! The great thing about both platforms is that they both offer ways to enable business to thrive online. Whether it be Wordpress or Wix, if there's a will, luckily, there's always a way.

Right, should we jump back in?

Reach Online UK Wix website example

For Wix:

Right, unbiased. Here we go. Wix, in the design and digital marketing communities, get a pretty bad wrap. This is all down to lack of experience and fear of the platform itself. This misconception mostly comes from the poor quality of so many Wix websites; but, this isn't because of Wix - it's caused by the target audience Wix aims its platform at. If you target people who can't afford to pay for bespoke design, you're going to find your platform filled with DIY messes. However, Wix gives the designer and business every resource possible to create beautiful and amazing designs. View my portfolio here and decide for yourself. What many people don't know too, is that Wix offers a coding platform to totally customise your

Wix website. So, for those developers and Wordpress designers that believe that Wix is restrictive, I highly suggest you gain some insight into the coding community built around Wix. Also, Wix offers a very user-friendly platform, unlike Wordpress, and gives the power over to the business or client themselves. They don't need me to find where to edit some text on a page. Wix offers endless resources for beginners, and even if i designed a site for example, a business owner can confidently walk into my design and add beautiful features of their own. The real thing that makes a website, is experience, not the platform (unless very restrictive). I could say so much more, but anymore would create a bias between this paragraph and the one in favour of Wordpress!

Against Wix:

Wix logo

Now, Wix comes with many, no so much faults, but imperfections. For example, many of the plugins they offer, are rather hard to fully manipulate and design. As an experience Wix designer, I can see the telltale signs of a Wix website from miles away. I could defend this pooint and say the code section can fix this; but, for the normal business owner, or even me - who is fairly new to Wix code - cannot confidently make these code changes to suit their individual needs. So there is a much larger learning curve there if you really desire a fully individual site. Also, as a Digital Marketer, sometimes Wix is hard to change when it comes to more technical requirements. If struggling with page speed, Wix offers little tools to assist in speeding up the website, other than suggesting to shrink image sizes. However, if you do design the site properly, there should be no issue at all. Yet, it would be great to have these options. The other negative comes from the subscriptions. It does tend to get more expensive per month, the more you want. For example, to have a domain name connected, and to make your site fully live, you must have at least one subscription plan paid for. And mailboxes and other features require payment per month too. It can get costly quick, but there are clever solutions around all of these, and I tend to face them and avoid them quite well, whilst solving the same problem as i had before.

Pros & Cons - Wordpress VS Wix

Wix Pros:

  • Easy for beginners

  • Free plan available

  • Hosting dealt with

  • User-friendly backend

  • The Wix community

  • Wix support

  • Technicals dealt with

  • Offers SEO Wix to help Marketing

  • Coding ability

  • Drag and drop

Wix Negatives:

  • Harder to scale

  • Scaling requires buying larger plans

  • Certain elements are obviously Wix elements

  • Hosting is out of your control

  • Less tools available

  • Wix wants to promote itself as much as it can

  • Too many subscriptions to handle

Wordpress Pros:

  • Great for Agencies and the experienced

  • Easier to scale business

  • Endless plugins available

  • Full SEO capabilities

  • Common in use

  • Practical

  • More Trusted

  • Open-source/free

Wordpress Cons:

  • Hard learning curve

  • Experience requires learning it yourself or hiring

  • maintenance must be maintained

  • Security must be kept up

Conclusion - Wordpress VS Wix

In conclusion, both builders should be respected for their merits, and criticised for their faults; however, in my personal opinion, I believe that as long as the designer, developer, marketer has the creativity and know-how, they can create wonderful, functional, ranking sites on both platforms.

If you yourself are interested in Wix Website Design or digital marketing, Reach Online UK - me - offers cheap solutions. to your online problems. Get in touch today, or comment down below to get the conversation flowing! I'm an official Wix partner, and I'm here to help!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this!

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